4 Engaging Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

Dozens of free web tools and ideas that can pack a technology integration punch and kick those lessons up a notch.

1. Gamify It

Leveraging gaming mechanics can make learning more fun is probably easier than you think. For example, any time you bring competition or levels of achievement to a classroom exercise, you’re gamifying your classroom. For example, in one recent assignment in my classroom, I had students search through an interactive computer history timeline for specific facts. The first student to correctly identify a fact (like “what was the first computer bug?”) that I had them seek out “won” for that question!

Here’s a variety of resources and ideas for using gaming in the classroom:

2. Have Students Collaborate

Getting students to work together as partners, in small groups, or maybe even as one large group, teaches them about team work. Collaborative work can be fun. It is even possible to collaborate with students across the world thanks to many of today’s technologies.

Share writing and encourage feedback with NewsActivistNewsActivist is a free tool that lets teachers set up their students with a private area where they can write about selected subjects.


3. Get Interactive

Many teachers enjoy using interactive tools with their students. Here’s a few tools and ideas to consider.

Online Interactive White Boards. If you have a computer and a projector, you can make them work a lot like a “smart board”


4. Project Based Learning

When students apply what they are learning to projects that they undertake, the topics they are learning about can take on a much deeper meaning.



Word Cloud

The Word Cloud means for us an excellent opportunity of giving information in a new way which lead us to a deep reflection in the words we use in a specific topic. Also, allows us to expand the vocabulary related to the lesson we will teach because we can apply synonyms and antonyms, depending on the instruction or purpose)

Our point of view about this new tool we have just discovered is pretty the same as means challenge for our students since the moment of getting into the website. We have to raise our students’ creativity as well as their commitment of learning new technologies. This kind of new tools in class refresh our teaching in the view of our students. Additionally, we are catching up with the use of technology in the classroom.
We consider this Word Cloud as a useful tool to be used with our students in order to them reflect on the meaning of the words they learned (or they are going to learn) It is also a different form of learning because it implies both the creativity of the student and the use of the technology which is available to practically all of them. Other important aspect that can be developed through the use of this tool is the interaction patterns we could apply in the classroom to socialize the information that should be worked out.